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Can Generation Z Actually Increase Funds For Your Association?

Generation Z makes up about 35% of the entire world’s population, there are so many opportunities for your association to reach out, recruit, and engage the younger generation.

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It’s no secret that Generation Z is a powerhouse of individuals as far as membership value for associations is concerned. But can they actually help you increase non-dues revenue as well?

So much focus has been put on the Millennial generation in terms of membership and financial support for associations. But spending time accruing a healthy status with the Millennial generation can only get you so far in terms of dues.

With Generation Z makes up about 35% of the entire world’s population, there are so many opportunities for your association to reach out, recruit, and engage the younger generation. But while many associations assume than Gen Z is only a valuable asset in terms of membership growth, there’s actually a lot more to this generation than meets the eye. Receiving member dues from Gen Z members is always a plus, but the concept of Gen Z being able to help grow your non-dues revenue is one that is often overlooked- and can be a lifesaver for your association.

If you’re looking to know more about the power of Gen Z donors, and how your association can work to attract them to your fundraisers, we’re sharing our knowledge on how you can hone in on this financial resource- and hopefully engage a new audience in the process.

Gen Z: The facts

We’ve been vouching for Generation Z as an all-powerful source of revenue, but what are the cold, hard facts to back this statement up? Let’s take a look at a few statistics that prove the impact Generation Z has on associations and nonprofit organizations alike. Then, we’ll demonstrate ways your association can act on each statistic in order to attract Gen Z donors.

Social Media

Social media: It’s the way to capture attention from many Generation Z audiences alike. But it actually does a lot more in terms of fundraising work than you may expect. According to a study done by Crowdrise, 59% of Gen Z individuals were inspired to donate to a charity of their choice by seeing it displayed on a social media platform. That’s right, a social media message actually has the power to reach an audience and persuade them to help your association out. That is, if you’re association’s message is compelling enough. With that statistics in mind, using social media to your association’s advantage in terms of fundraising is more important than ever. You need to make sure all of your marketing messages are enticing, have amazing copy, and a killer call to action to get Gen Z donors inspired to spend their time (and money) with your organization.

Work with your association’s marketing team and come up with a handful of social media campaigns that convey your mission and fundraising goals clearly and concisely. You want your message to not only look appealing, but include all of the necessary information to point donors in the right direction. Social fundraising is a valuable asset to have in any association’s fundraising strategy no matter what. But with the influence social media marketing has on Gen Z, it’s time to crack down on your association's outreach.

Impact is important

The same report by Crowdrise found that 1 in 5 Generation Z individuals claim their impact on the world is extremely important to them, so much so that they focus on it in their day-to-day life. So, Gen Z is looking to change the world. And what better way to do that then donating their time and resources to an organization they trust?

Rounding up your Gen Z audience and strategizing ways to engage them and showcase your association’s values and missions can really help you tap into that source of fundraising power. But Gen Z isn’t going to just land at your doorstep- your association needs to work on a plan that intrigues them enough to get involved. For this, you want to make sure your marketing materials and brand are performing at the top of their game. What do we mean by this? Well, with weak marketing messages, your association’s call to action could get lost in the copy and visuals, or even ignored for being too bland. And if you don’t have a good understand of your association’s brand, you may be poorly representing your own mission. So, let’s breakdown a plan on how your association can work to strengthen its own brand and marketing strategy. To start, brand awareness is key. You want to have a fully conceptualized idea of what your association’s brand is, what it represents, and how you can convey that brand to others. This will directly help you strengthen your marketing as well, so focus on your brand and sit down with your association’s team to research and design logos and branded content that matches up with your values. Once you’ve decided where you’d like your brand to go, you can focus on marketing materials. Make sure the copy in your marketing messages gets your audiences on your association’s side. You want to lead with a compelling offer and/or fact, and then guide interested individuals to your association’s fundraising site through a killer call to action.

Pre-existing charity work

Unsurprising enough, Generation Z already has a healthy reputation for giving back to the communities they care about. According to Classy’s blog, around 30% of Generation Z individuals have donated to an organization of their choice in the past. And if donations aren’t enough, 26% have raised money for a cause they care about- showing that they can drive revenue in other ways than their own pockets.

Even if your Gen Z members aren’t looking to donate money, chances are they’d still like to help out any way that they can. Your association needs to open up other opportunities to let them assist you in your fundraising efforts. Invite your members to come on board as volunteers and allow them to take part in many of the fundraising events and donation opportunities you have coming up. Do you need extra hands on deck for your fundraiser? What about people to spread the word about your online donation center? Gen Z members are the perfect candidates for this.

If you want to ensure members will be willing to volunteer, consider creating incentives specifically for your most dedicated volunteers. You can implement a recognition program that celebrates the hard work of your volunteers after large fundraising event to show your team how appreciative you are. Or, you can set up a system that provides volunteers with discounts on products or valuable offers if they reach a certain number of volunteer hours. There are tons of ways to make volunteering fun and important to your members.

Don’t look at Generation Z as just another membership conquest. Consider your Gen Z members are a helpful source for achieving your fundraising goals and appreciate all that they can do for your association outside of being a member.