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Google Tasks: The Top Organizational Tool for Associations

Having Google Tasks located within the G Suite can help keep you and your team organized and on top of due dates.

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Let’s be honest: For many of us, none of our daily tasks would get done without a to-do list to keep us on track. With everything going on in our day to day lives, it’s easy for us to forget about important tasks that need to be done. It’s just the nature of the beast. So, it’s up to us to stay organized and on top in order to keep up with our work load. And for associations, organization is one of the most important traits to have.

You’re busy juggling your association, its members, its staff, and any other section that needs managing. With all of that responsibility resting on your shoulders, being organized can make or break how your association functions. So, if you’re looking to keep your productivity levels high and your member satisfaction levels higher, Google has a tool that can make it a quick and easy process. Say Hello to Google Tasks. Google Tasks for associations can be a game changer. So, let’s take a closer look at the Google Tasks feature. We’ll look at what it is, how it helps you perform tasks, and see how your association can benefit from a more organized work day.

Google Tasks: An Overview

Google Tasks: Any task, any goal, get things done. It’s what the description of the application on Google Play says. But what exactly does it mean?

Described by many as a “revamped to-do list”, Google Tasks is a tool that allows users to create task lists and interact with other Google asks to keep everything organized. Google Tasks is just one of many productivity apps that Google has collected in its suite. Unveiled earlier this year, the app comes as a solution to Gmail’s task creation feature. Many users found the Gmail task creator to be a great interface feature, but wanted something that expanded pasts the barriers of email. They wanted an app that would allow them to keep track of tasks on a much more advanced level.

With the new Google Tasks app, tasks can be pulled up as a sidebar option along not only Gmail, but in apps like Google Keep and Google Calendar as well. You might be saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal?” And in that aspect, you make a great point. On its own, Google Tasks seems like a glorified grocery list. But the perks are in its integration If your association is heavy handed with its G Suite use, Google Tasks is a great addition to the organizational family. You can track your tasks back to Gmail, view them in your Google Calendar, and keep them in eyesight throughout your business day. Let’s take a closer look at how Google Tasks works to keep you on track.

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Google Tasks: A Closer Look

To the pleasure of some associations and the disappointment of others, Google Tasks is extremely easy to use and hosts basic features that keeps things simple. Google Tasks allows users to both create tasks and manage them once they’re created. You can even break tasks down into subtasks- perfect for associations working on larger projects like marketing campaigns, email bursts, and event planning. With a drag-and-drop interface on Google Tasks’ mobile app, you’re given the option to prioritize your tasks.

Do you have something that needs to get done ASAP? What about something that can wait a few days or that’s smaller in importance? Create your ultimate task list and set priorities to increase your overall productivity. Have a deadline on a specific project? Google Tasks allows you to set “due dates” on your tasks. This give you an extra reminder when you need it in order to get your work in on time, saving you stress and keeping your association running smoothly. However, the “due date” reminder feature doesn’t allow for users to set a specific time for a reminder, just a date. This may be an inconvenience to some, so it’s important to go into this feature with that knowledge in mind. You can always combat this issue by setting up a reminder on your phone. You can also set an alarm on your phone. This way, you never miss out on a signal to get your work in. So, we know what Google Tasks is, and we know how it works. But how is it best used by association professionals to make organization and task-fulfillment an easy chore?

Google Tasks and Your Association

Creating a task list for yourself is a great practice in order to keep yourself organized and keep your work flowing smoothly. Whether you decide to take advantage of Google Tasks, it’s always important to incorporate some sort of list tracking into your everyday work organization strategy.

However, here are a few reasons why Google Tasks works so well- especially for association professionals. Google Tasks helps you keep track of your emails. If you have a problem with answering emails (and believe me, who out of us doesn’t?!) you can simply add the email directly to your task list. This way, no email goes unopened, but every important email gets responded to. You can’t get behind on your email if Google Tasks doesn’t allow you to! And it’s also great for breaking down large tasks to eliminate overwhelming yourself.

Let’s say you have a huge event coming up that you need to get prepared for your members. You want everything to be ready in a timely fashion, but there’s just so much to get done! Between event planning, coordinating with venues and vendors, and advertising to your membership, it might seem too overwhelming to tackle. Where do you even begin? With the subtask feature on Google Tasks, you can break down each and every part of your larger tasks in order to fully conceptualize where to start working. You can break down your event into venue scouting, sponsorship securing, email promotion, guest speaker booking, and much, much more.

Google Tasks also allows you to revisit your tasks and edit anything as time progresses. This way, if you make progress on a task, you can edit the task and add in any notes to keep you driven forward!

For associations looking to keep everything on the same page with their association’s team, having Google Tasks located within the G Suite makes for a seamless experience. You can email your team with tasks that need to be done and know that those tasks are being imported to Google Tasks with just a few clicks. If your association is looking for a way to keep organization at the front hand of any plan, Google Tasks is a great solution for you. Don’t allow your association to fall behind on its progress due to a lack in organization and poor planning. Impress your members with your productivity by adopting Google Tasks into your planning strategy today.