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Mastering Content Delivery: How to Reach Members and Engage Them

Mastering content delivery can help your association gain those engagement rates you’ve been looking for. Turn up the heat on your delivery strategy and you can ensure your content will have engagement that matches the hard work you put into it.

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Creating amazing content for your association’s members is great, but what are you doing to make sure you deliver content as seamlessly as possible? With your association being a valuable resource for industry insight and information, members are eager to gain new content and offers from you as soon as possible. From webinars to blog posts to even interactive video, each new content piece deserves it’s spot in the limelight, and it’s up to you to make sure that happens.

No matter how well you craft a content piece, if you aren’t using best practices to deliver said content piece to members and audiences alike, you’re diminishing all of your hard work. There’s a lot of different ways to distribute your content, so how do you make sure the method you use is most effective? If you’re looking to improve your content delivery and engage more of your members with the content you work hard to produce, you’re in luck.

We’re going to take a look at a few different content delivery methods, share some helpful tips to help you nail down delivery, and hopefully get your association on its way to more content engagement. Let’s get started.

Market your content as highly valuable

Want your content to feel like it’s an exclusive offer? Make it one. Often times, members may ignore new content offers because they’re constantly offered to everyone who visits your website. And while having content on your site for audiences to engage with is important, it’s also good to note that your members expect exclusive, members-only value when they sign on to pay dues with your organization. So, in order to make them feel like they’re getting what they paid for, it’s essential that you deliver exclusive content directly to them.

Creating member-exclusive content not only makes your members feel like they’re getting the value they’re searching for, it also shows outside onlookers the value they could cash in on by becoming a member. It heightens the importance of your content, making it a must-read by members once it hits their email inboxes. Consider segmenting off content and creating something that you can market and deliver to your members as a valuable, exclusive offer in order to increase potential content engagement.

Analyze convenient delivery methods

New content not getting the praise and engagement it deserves? It could be the way you deliver- or not deliver- your content. There are so many different channels available online for your association to use to get the word out about new content. From email, to social media, to newsletters, and anything else that allows you to reach members, you have quite the list of options.

However, this does not mean that every delivery outlet is just as effective as the next. Every association is going to have a different sweet spot in terms of content delivery, so you have to do your best to analyze your content engagement and do some experimenting with your options in order to figure out what works for you. You can run test email campaigns, try sending out social media updates, add a section in your association newsletters for new content, and much more. You can also experiment with delivery strategy as well. The time and frequency that you deliver content to members can both positively and negatively affect your content engagement. You may be reaching out to members at the wrong time of day, bombarding them with content offers, or even be sending out content too sporadically. Taking a long, hard look at your delivery platform and approach can help you get a grip on the optimal delivery method, specifically for you.

Generate security and quality in your content

Quality content is engaged content, so you want to make sure you take any and all security precautions to keep your content quality when delivering it. If your content can’t be easily viewed by members due to poor web performance or bots on your website, it could negatively affect the way they engage with content in the future. It’s up to you to make sure your content stays secure on your website before delivering it to members. Therefore, your association’s technology strategy should always be closely monitored. Making sure your website is up to date and taken care of by a strong team of developers to fight off bugs and other problems can help keep your site running and your content available at all times. You should also consider the way your content looks on your website.

The way content is seen by members can directly affect its quality, so you need to make sure your content appearance is user-friendly and able to be viewed on any device, including mobile. Mastering content delivery can help your association gain those engagement rates you’ve been looking for. Turn up the heat on your delivery strategy and you can ensure your content will have engagement that matches the hard work you put into it.