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Offer Analyzer: The Ultimate Career Resource

Supporting members is always a priority for associations and is instrumental in association growth, including retaining, attracting, and recruiting new members.

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Year after year, career advancement is cited as a top reason for joining an association. If 2022 has shown us anything, it’s that the job market is hot and really hasn’t cooled off, even as we head into 2023. Your members are talented and they have options when it comes to their careers! Giving your members the tools they want and need to take the next step in their careers, as well as help consider career moves, is a great way to retain loyal members and attract new members! 

After researching and finding an amazing job opportunity, candidates have to pass interviews with flying colors to land a job offer. The job offer is the first formal step in the recruiting process. As such, it's important for a job seeker to understand what they’re getting into before accepting an offer, and most importantly, determine if the offer is fair and that the employer is a true match for them. Every candidate is different! What some candidates value most in terms of salary and benefits can vary. Several factors should be considered before accepting an offer, including: location, commute time, salary, and benefits.

The Offer Analyzer tool from Web Scribble allows members to easily upload an offer and their benefits package, and immediately know how it stacks up based on what the market pays, today! With the tool, candidates can evaluate their job offer by automatically comparing it to other similar offers in the candidate’s area. It will also show how much the candidate is likely to earn throughout their career if they were to accept the position.

Why use this tool?

  • Members have access to up-to-the-minute salary data
  • Members can quickly compare how their entire compensation package stacks up 
  • Members can use this tool to help them to negotiate their pay

Negotiation Tips

Sometimes negotiating salary is awkward, but it shouldn’t be! Many times, members may not know how to go about it, or would like some talk tracks to help them with their discussion. If your member receives an offer that is not competitive, Web Scribble provides easy-to-use negotiation tips and advice to help them get the compensation they deserve. Plus, your association is a one-stop shop for all career resources, including salary information.

Things job seekers should consider when negotiating salary with a potential employer:

  • Understand their value and clearly articulate their value in terms of their unique skill set, qualifications, licenses and certifications, connections, etc. to make a case that they deserve the salary they are requesting
  • Research the market average and start with the top of their range - that way, there’s a little room for negotiation and the candidate still ends up with a great salary that they are happy with
  • Lead with gratitude and be flexible - are there other forms of compensation you would be willing to accept? Extra vacation days, sign-on bonuses, etc.
  • Be confident!
  • Prepare for tough questions - “Are we your top choice?”, “Are you entertaining other offers?” “Is the salary a dealbreaker?”

Supporting members is always a priority for associations and is instrumental in association growth, including retaining, attracting and recruiting new members. Are you supporting your members with the best-in-class and latest tools and career resources? Think you and your members could benefit from an upgrade? Let’s chat! 

Ann Kielbasa

Email Marketing and Digital Marketing Specialist