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Clowder Convo: Talking Career Resources with Web Scribble

Investing in the right career center technology is now more important than ever - learn why!

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Last month, Web Scribble's very own Director of Customer Success, Danielle Mahoney, and Manger of Sales, Evin O'Shea, sat down with Clowder's COO Alexa Kade. Together, they discussed the importance of having a job board, the Great Resignation, hiring trends and more!

The world of hiring and recruitment is crazy right now! Recent studies have shown that a job change is on the mind of nearly half of all U.S. employees. On top of that, businesses are facing an all-time high quit rate -- 4 million Americans resigned in July alone -- and there’s a record high number of unfilled positions. It’s not just one industry either, workers in all job categories, from customer-facing service roles to highly professional positions, are actively or passively job hunting at roughly the same rate.

It is vital to invest in the right career center technology because now, more than ever, members need to be supported at every step of their career. Millions of people are actively looking for a job or passively looking to make a career switch - the job market is extremely hot and it is no different for members. 

When evaluating a career center solution, professional communities should opt for one that offers the best tools to provide members with an exceptional member experience.  Most importantly, associations should choose career center technology that is going to help grow the association but also grow with the association. The technology should be cutting-edge and your career center provider should be a trusted advisor that you can lean on to make sure that you are getting the most out of your career center. Professionals deserve a true partner that stops at nothing to exceed the organization’s goals and expectations. 

Something that we love to say at Web Scribble is that, “if an association helps a member land their next job opportunity, then they have a member for life.“ With a true career hub - members never have to leave the association’s website - all of the career resources and tools are readily available. A Web Scribble career center is a full suite of software built to help you - and your members - grow better, together.

When it comes to your members and your career center, there’s not a one-size-fits all solution. Organizations shouldn’t settle for a career center that looks like everyone else’s, with minimal branding opportunities. With Web Scribble, you get a fully branded career center that looks and feels like a true extension of your association’s website - no two career centers look the same and the customizations are endless. We want organizations to be proud of their career center and above all, we want members to have a seamless user experience. 

The right career center technology should make your job easier! Switching to a new career center provider should be simple and hands-off for the association. At Web Scribble, we make the onboarding process as painless as possible and do all of the heavy lifting to get your career center up and running, including data migration to make sure your career center doesn’t miss a beat. Our powerful reporting simplifies association professional’s jobs and gives associations valuable, strategic, and actionable data and  member insight for how to best grow the association.

Customer Wins

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)’s job board, Joblink, connects the largest network of professional social workers in the world.  They have over 120,000 members, with 55 chapters nationwide. After years of an underperforming job board, with non-dues revenue consistently trending downward, NASW decided it was time for a change.

NASW needed a dedicated partner that was committed to driving non-dues revenue through innovative solutions, as well as a world-class job board that provided clear value to its members. Due to a lack of communication and consistent meetings, NASW did not feel like a priority with their previous job board provider. At Web Scribble, we were able to forge a solid relationship with NASW through regular meetings for planning, reviewing, and strategizing upcoming improvements to Joblink. Our strategic planning sessions are collaborative, and we are constantly checking in to see how we can drive more non-dues revenue and provide NASW members with an exceptional experience.

Prior to partnering with Web Scribble, NASW’s Joblink job board had grown stale and NASW wanted to make sure they were using cutting-edge technology to provide value to their members. Historically, career fairs did not result in high registrations and were not a solid source of revenue for the association. Web Scribble crafted a customized solution that is a true extension of NASW’s website that offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for both job seekers and employers. Our technology is growing with the association and we’re consistently rolling out new features and improvements to provide all users with a great experience. 

A lack of strategy and collaboration with NASW’s previous job board vendor led to a continuous decline in non-dues revenue. Web Scribble provided sales support to sell ad space to desirable employers and post open positions on the career center platform. 

Let’s talk about results

First and foremost, we made sure that NASW’s transition over to a Web Scribble platform was seamless. NASW had limited staff resources and bandwidth, so we made sure to take care of everything possible, from start to finish. The backend reporting is user-friendly and NASW appreciates the actionable analytics that they have access to in order to better serve their members.

Member engagement has increased significantly since switching to Web Scribble. Overall job seeker engagement grew by over four times during the first year of partnership. Both job seekers and employers have praised the new platform and responsive interface. NASW’s virtual career fair had the best turnout that they have ever had; over 1,100 attendees and 80+ exhibitors. 

In the first year of partnership, non-dues revenue increased by more than 70 percent. Within a few months, NASW had already surpassed their revenue goal for the year and is in the position to exceed their goal - something they have not done in years. The number of jobs posted on Joblink has tripled. We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with the National Association of Social Workers and cannot wait to continue to strengthen our partnership, drive more non-dues revenue, and deliver even more of a member benefit to NASW’s members.

Associations are already positioned to bring everyone together. A career center with all of the career resources that members need to help find a job, get a job, and perform better on the job - will lead to happier and better supported members, which means more growth for associations. If you are not getting the most out of your career center or if you don’t have one at all - entertain the idea of making a switch. The average amount of time that an association partner spends on our onboarding process is just four hours, over 60 days.

Associations and members deserve the best career resources and a customized solution that can help associations and members achieve their goals. Whether your non-dues revenue is down from your job board, or you want to provide your members with better technology and career resources - reach out to us for a conversation to see if our solution is a fit for you and your organization. We would love to help!

Check out our conversation with Clowder, as host Alexa Kade, Danielle Valenti Mahoney, and Evin O'Shea chat about the different career resources that your association can offer to its members.