January 13, 2022

5 Reasons to Visit Us at Super Forum

In less than one week, we will all be on our way to Higher Logic Super Forum, meeting all of the attendees and learning more about each association in attendance. If you are attending the conference, there are so many reasons to come over to table 21 and visit us.

1. Meet the team

By coming to our booth, you get to meet some of the people you will be working with to make your job board and career center a success. We won't be just another voice on the phone or email in your inbox. You'll get to talk with us, see what drives us, why we are so passionate about what we do, and how we can work together to provide a high value service to your members.

2. Hear about new product features

We take pride in continually innovating and advancing our career resource tools. If there is a way to make your members' experience more fulfilling or meaningful while using our career center platform, you can be certain Web Scribble is working to integrate into our products.You can already see this through our integrations with numerous association software platforms and tools, including Higher Logic. We make these upgrades to our technology to stay ahead of the competition, provide a great user experience, and create more opportunities for associations and your members.

3. Swag

We always bring cool Web Scribble swag so we can send you home with some goodies to remember your time at the conference. Need some chewing gum for the plane ride home? We've got you covered. Forgot a pen to take notes at the keynote presentation? We can help! What fun would we be if all we did was talk?

4. Personalized 1-on-1 meetings

Web Scribble was so excited for this event that we set aside some time to individually meet with some of you attending the conference. We want you to leave the conference feeling confident that you learned about ways to improve your association through non-dues revenue and member engagement. To take advantage of this time, schedule your meeting with our Director of Business Development, Travis Osterhout here:

5. Upgrade to the new standard

We take great pride in what we do each day for our clients. We have created a high standard to compete with and for that, we are proud. Our innovations allow us to harness unmatched technology to benefit all parties involved. We're able to customize your career center to make it a seamless experience for members so they don't even realize they're leaving your association's main website. We provide associations with individualized and tailored attention to ensure your career center works for you and your association. Web Scribble provides personalized sales strategies, marketing tools, and access to our team who are trained to drive revenue for your association and a great experience for your members. We share a vested interest in your success and we work daily to make sure this partnership is the best it can be.

Here at Web Scribble, we don't just power your career center, we are committed to building and maintaining a true partnership.

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