Web Scribble Partners with Higher Logic to Launch Thrive Jobs

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TROY, NY, March 1, 2023 Web Scribble, the leading provider of career center technology to associations, has partnered with Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human-focused engagement platform, to launch Higher Logic Thrive Jobs. Focused on connecting career development with community, Thrive Jobs expands the Higher Logic Thrive Platform, allowing associations to drive deeper member engagement and create meaningful member experiences by seamlessly streaming contextual job opportunities to members directly from the feed in its community.

“Association members currently connect to resources and members through the community, but then must leave to search for new career opportunities. That extra step interrupts the member experience, which is why we are excited to partner with Higher Logic to launch Thrive Jobs and provide members with everything they need to grow their careers in one location,” adds Alexey Gutin, CEO at Web Scribble.

The launch of Thrive Jobs gives members a career development platform powered by Web Scribble, streaming relevant career opportunities to members and providing personalized job recommendations based on their community profile and user data. Not only does that value enhance the member experience, but it also generates non-dues revenue for the association from job placement ads and amplifies its commitment to growing the industry – connecting organizations with their robust network of talented professionals. Additionally, the job board can be used to engage non-members, expanding the association’s reach and widening the pipeline of prospective members.

“At its core, community is a place to connect members and enable them to develop deeper relationships with their industry,” states James Willey, Chief Product Officer at Higher Logic. “With this partnership and launch of Thrive Jobs, we are able to connect members with Web Scribble’s unmatched association career development software to provide a unique member experience that drives member retention and engagement for associations, all from one location.”

Thrive Jobs will be on display during Higher Logic’s annual Super Forum conference, the premiere event for association professionals dedicated to enhancing the member experience. To learn more details about the Higher Logic and Web Scribble integration please visit our website.



Higher Logic, the industry-leading, human-focused engagement platform, delivers powerful online communities and communication tools to engage members and customers at every stage of their journey. Higher Logic provides a robust engagement platform and strategic services with over a decade of experience in building personalized and scalable community engagement programs. We serve more than 3,000 customers, representing over 350,000 online communities with greater than 200 million users in more than 40 countries worldwide. For more information, visit


Web Scribble provides innovative career center software solutions to hundreds of associations around the world. Founded in 2001, Web Scribble career centers are designed to bring a unique benefit to association membership, creating a positive, lasting impact on members’ careers and lives. Associations depend on Web Scribble’s job board software to provide clear member value, develop deep member insight and enhanced engagement, connect talented and qualified job seekers with the right employers, drive non-dues revenue, and advance shared missions. To learn more, visit

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