2022 ASAE MM&C Conference Recap

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New technologies and a kaleidoscope of digital possibilities, paired with the importance of marketing basics, continue to push MarComm and membership professionals to revamp their skillsets and re-evaluate their strategies—all to reach members in authentic and meaningful ways when they need it the most. 

On May 17-18, Web Scribble attended the 2022 ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference in Washington, DC. Over 700 MarComm, membership professionals, and experts in the association community came together for the first time in over two years! It was so nice to be in person again and be able to connect with association professionals in one place. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the Web Scribble booth to talk about how career centers offer a unique member benefit, especially during an unprecedented job market!

The ASAE MM&C Conference was jam-packed with insightful sessions, learning labs, and networking opportunities. Express Learning Labs offered bite-sized sessions covering topics such as content creation, ethics, PR training, and so much more! Break-out sessions that were slightly longer and a bit in-depth ranged from the top tech your organization needs to ways to improve your membership recruitment strategy. 

Coffee and networking started each morning, followed by a keynote speaker to get us ready for the day ahead! 

Mike Maddock got us excited about problem solving with disruptive ideas and shared with us why disruptors make good leaders. 

Our Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how to create a balanced, innovative team. 
  • Learn the difference between an inventor and an innovator (and why it matters).
  • We all have blind spots. Learn how Disruptors turn this reality into an unfair competitive advantage.

Rakia Reynolds, the closing keynote speaker, got us thinking about how to distinguish our vision and mission through storytelling. Having the ability to connect, motivate, and lead people, in today’s climate, is a vital skill for any organization. 

Our Key Takeaways: 

  • Humanizing your brand both internally and externally is now just as important as creating an unforgettable customer experience. 
  • If the personality of your company accurately reflects a true set of values and passions, you’ll organically attract an audience whose core ideals align with those of your brand. 

MMCC is one of the only events that educates marketing, membership, and communications professionals specifically on operating within associations. We’re glad we could be there to attend and exhibit! If you want to learn what it means to be powered by Web Scribble, request some time to chat with us, or browse some case studies to get ideas on how we can help you better support your members and further your organization's mission.

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