The National Retail Federation Launches New Job Board Powered by Web Scribble

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Web Scribble has partnered with The National Retail Federation to present the launch of their new interactive job board. The job board's user friendly interface will serve to connect NRF's members with thousands of qualified retail professionals across the country. Users of the updated NRF Job Board can look forward to a refined user experience on mobile and desktop devices, advanced job posting features, actionable analytics, and results tracking for all parties. 

The National Retail Federation is the trusted resource for the retail industry, providing educational resources, tools to manage a successful business, and expertise to foster growth of future generations of retail professionals. They remain true to their mission while serving more than 18,000 member companies across the world. With an updated job board, members can now take advantage of the centralized location for recruiting qualified retail professionals.

The new NRF Job Board provides their members the ability to reach the organization's 11,000+ pre-qualified job seekers through updated platform features including new branding opportunities, targeted email alerts to job seekers, and more.

NRF members also have the opportunity to have their jobs automatically posted to the NRF Job Board through Web Scribble's website scraping service or can post single job listings at no charge. NRF members and non-member companies will find the NRF Job Board's targeted talent pool of retail professionals to be an invaluable resource when searching and recruiting for candidates.

The NRF Job Board can be found at

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