Web Scribble for iMIS: See How Powerful Job Board Software Can Help You Grow

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Troy, NY - September 15, 2020 - ASI's only authorized iMIS product partner, Web Scribble, will be co-hosting a webcast presentation on Wednesday, September 23rd at 12pm ET so clients can see how Web Scribble brings powerful job board technology to iMIS and supports the growth of professional and trade associations.

During the webcast, attendees can see how iMIS clients can:

  1. Create powerful, easy to use job boards to grow your organization
  2. Attract new members and add value to current members with engaging job boards
  3. Grow non-dues revenue through a branded career center

Attendees will also gain valuable information about other Web Scribble products like Career Paths and Career Fairs, which work in tandem with Web Scribble's job board technology to provide exceptional member benefits, improve the membership experience and drive non-dues revenue. To top it off, a customer case study will be presented to share real-life experiences using Web Scribble for iMIS and show how associations can grow non-dues revenue, engage current members and attract new members with easy to use, fully integrated products.

About Web Scribble

Web Scribble provides innovative job board and career center software solutions to hundreds of associations throughout the world. Founded in 2001 and based out of Troy, New York, Web Scribble's career centers are designed to drive digital recruitment revenues and create a better experience for both the employer and the job seeker. For more information visit or call 1-888-706-1394.Â


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