Web Scribble Named ASI's Newest iMIS Product Partner

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Web Scribble's Job Board Technology Platform Provides iMIS Clients with a Branded Career Center.

Advanced Solutions International (ASI), a leading global provider of software and services for associations and not-for-profits, recently announced Web Scribble as the newest iMIS Product Partner. Web Scribble provides associations with intuitive, no-cost career centers that allow members to easily find jobs in their industry all backed by the association brand.

With Web Scribble as a Product Partner, iMIS users gain even deeper insight into their members' engagement through our career center (while also driving more non-dues revenue).Our career center technology provides an easy to use platform which allows employers to quickly post jobs and efficiently find qualified talent. With our single sign-on interface, members only have to sign in once as profile data is seamlessly carried over to the career center. In addition, members can sign up for customized, targeted email notifications about new jobs that meet any parameters they choose to set.

Moving forward, iMIS users can take advantage of our advanced engagement scoring integration so users know exactly how and when their members are interacting with the career center. "Web Scribble is a proven leader in the association industry and we're very pleased to offer its innovative job board technology to our clients. Job boards are an integral part of any association's business model and Web Scribble will now make adding this revenue-generating feature easier and faster for iMIS clients", said ASI Chairman and CEO, Bob Alves.

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