Web Scribble Offers New Home to Niche Network Partners After Workopolis Winds Down

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Workopolis was acquired by Recruit Holdings Co. and Web Scribble offers services for misplaced Niche Network Partners., Canada's largest job board, was acquired by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. on April 4, 2018. According to a statement on its website, Indeed, a subsidiary of Recruit, will operate Workopolis as part of its publisher network and has issued an April 11, 2018 deadline to download any existing data to its users.

Workopolis's Niche Network has served associations, non-profits, and industry specific sites since 2000. The functionality of these niche sites and how this recent change affects partners, job seekers, and employers is widely unknown. In addition, job seeker and employer data will disappear on April 11, 2018 according to Workopolis's recent announcement.

Association, non-profit, and niche network partners are now left in the dark with little information on how their job boards and career centers will function. While Indeed is one of the largest job boards, it lacks the ability to cater to niche networks of specialized, targeted talent. Web Scribble offers partnerships with both professional and trade associations in all industries.

During this time of turnover, Web Scribble can provide support to those partner sites who belonged to Workopolis's Niche Network. We have a team standing by ready to work with niche partners and make it an easy, pain-free transition. In a matter of days, we can convert these partners over to Web Scribble's job board platform at no cost and continue to help drive non-dues revenue.

"The recruitment industry continues to evolve and change, but the need for targeted, qualified job seekers in specialized industries is growing. Web Scribble provides the latest job board technology to power career centers for associations, non-profits, and niche sites alike."
- Alexey Gutin

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