Web Scribble Sponsors iMIS iNNOVATIONS Live Virtual Event

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Web Scribble will be sponsoring the 22nd annual iMIS iNNOVATIONS - now iNNOVATIONS Live which has been shifted to a virtual event due to concerns of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

iNNOVATIONS Live, previously 2020 iNNOVATIONS Conference, will be held virtually on March 25th and 26th. The updated agenda for all sessions can be found on the iNNOVATIONS website. Workshops, guest speaker presentations, and other activities will be available online through recorded videos and online marketing content. Attendees can expect to receive the same benefits as they would from an in-person event.

Web Scribble's CEO, Alexey Gutin will give a presentation on our career center software, and our newest module, Career Paths. Career Paths allows members to build personalized career tracks to visualize professional progression and serves resources such as:

  1. Information on required education and training to continue advancement
  2. Projected salary as for different titles along the career path
  3. Credentialing, training and live events suggestions to develop skills for future positions
  4. Job postings for titles along the projected path

Mr. Gutin will demonstrate how Web Scribble products can solve your associations' job board challenges, improve member engagement, and help increase non-dues revenue with the latest in career center technology.

During iNNOVATIONS Live, Web Scribble will upload our product presentation to the on-demand video library. And Web Scribble will also have a 30-second video spot that will play during the live event.

Although we won't be able to see everyone in person, we are looking forward to sharing our latest updates to Web Scribble's platform and understanding needs around job board technology. If you would like more information on what Web Scribble can do for you, schedule a personal demo on our website or contact us today.

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