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Topic | Recruiting and Retaining Association Members (and Driving Non-Dues Revenue) in the Virtual Event Era

Description | Events are the lifeblood of every professional and trade association. But how do you recruit new members and retain current members in the era of virtual meetings and events? How do you continue to create and serve valuable benefits to both your members and companies looking to hire qualified talent without the face-to-face networking opportunities? How do you fill the gap in revenue left by your canceled in person events?

On Thursday, July 30th at 2pmEDT, join Web Scribble's Director of Marketing Dawn DiLorenzo for a discussion on innovative solutions to backfill your missing non-dues revenue, and how to continue to engage your members in a valuable, meaningful way that keeps them renewing year after year. She'll also give tips on how to recruit new members and drive revenue through employer-focused tactics.

Strategies discussed include:

  1. Using membership surveys to identify future marketing opportunities
  2. Digital platforms to drive engagement with members, non-members and employers
  3. Driving non-dues revenue from out of the box tactics
  4. Using data you already have to recruit new members and engage employers

You'll come away from this webinar ready to adapt your membership marketing model to retain current members, recruit new members and drive non-due revenues in new ways far into the future.

This CAE accredited webinar will be one hour long with Q&A (you must attend the live session in full to qualify).

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