Web Scribble Welcomes New Sales Development Representative: Brianne Schofield

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Web Scribble is pleased to announce the addition of Brianne Schofield to our sales team where she will conduct outreach to our prospects in order to understand their needs around driving member engagement and revenue via their career centers.September 23rd, 2020 - Troy, NY - Before joining the Web Scribble team, Brianne was working for Adecco Staffing as a Client Program Supervisor. In this role, Brianne recruited and staffed personnel for a warehouse that held over 400 employees.Brianne is excited to pursue her interest in a new field and propel her career forward. With a dedicated and energetic attitude, Brianne is “very eager to jump in and lean everything there is to know about Web Scribble.”“I cannot wait to see what my career in sales has in store for me,” Brianne noted. “All of my close friends and family have always said I should try a career in sales and get out of my comfort zone - I am very excited to grow my career and grow within the company.”Brianne has mainly worked for large corporations, so working at a smaller company will be something new and exciting for her. We look forward to what the future has in store for her here at Web Scribble.Welcome to the Web Scribble team, Brianne!About Web ScribbleWeb Scribble provides innovative career center software solutions to hundreds of associations throughout the world. Founded in 2001 and based in Troy, New York, Web Scribble's career centers are designed to drive companies' digital recruitment revenues and create a better experience for both the employer and job seeker alike. For more information visit or call 1-888-706-1394.

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