Webinar | No Events? No Problem! Help Your Members Get Hired with Virtual Career Fairs

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How can you get your members hired without those valuable annual events? Easy! Virtual Career Fairs. And Web Scribble has got you covered with our affordable, easy to use Career Fairs platform so you are STILL the go-to place your members turn to for career advancement.

Join Director of Marketing, Dawn DiLorenzo on September 29th @ 2pm EDT to learn how to leverage (and monetize) virtual career fairs, and learn best practices around creating and hosting successful online events in a crowded marketplace in this CAE accredited webinar.

Joining the webinar is special guest Lynz Floren from LA County Bar Association to discuss his experience implementing and executing the Web Scribble Career Fairs platform, connecting employers with job seekers, and offering members a valuable career advancement benefit.

We will also provide tips on helping your association backfill some non-dues revenue from lost events with virtual career fairs.

Watch the replay today!

*Live attendance for the full one hour is required to earn 1 CAE credit.

Time: Sep 29, 2020 02:00 PM EDT

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