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Happy Tools: What to Expect and How Your Association Can Benefit

Looking for a new way to keep everyone and everything organized at your association? We’ve got the answer for you.

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Looking for a new way to keep everyone and everything organized at your association? We’ve got the answer for you. For those companies, businesses, and organizations looking for an easy way to manage everything going on in one easy place, tech tools and software are the ultimate solution. They’re typically easy to navigate, they keep all parties on the same page, and everyone can collaborate to get things done.

Automattic, Wordpress’s parent company, is cooking up ways to create more organization for companies across the world. They’ve been in the global software game for quite some time now- with 850 employees spread out in 68 different countries and no central office it’s easy to see how they’ve come so far- and now they’re looking to release a brand new suite of workforce management products and tools called Happy Tools.

But why should your association care about Happy Tools? What can this release do to help you generate more organized success for yourself and for members?

Introducing new tech tools to your association’s current tech strategy is a great way to freshen things up and fine tune the way that you run business. So, let’s take a closer look at the new unveil of Happy Tools, how their latest product Happy Schedule could be for you, and what you can expect from this new software in the near future.

Happy Tools: The start of something new

Before we jump into the benefits and innovation of using Happy Tools for better association management, let’s talk a little bit more about what Automattic is setting out to do with this new management software suite. With Happy Tools, Automattic is attempting to aim a new set of products towards companies with a heavy amount of remote workers or with chapters and workers spread out in different places around the world. Bringing people together and organizing tasks and projects is the goal of Happy Tools, which is great news for any association looking to achieve just that. Automattic has been discussing the release of their own internal tools for the use of other businesses for a while now, waiting for the right time and place to introduce it to the market. And they wanted to lead with the perfect first tool to set the tone for what’s to come- which they’ve done with the release of Happy Schedule. So, let’s give Happy Schedule a run down and see how your association could potentially put this tool to use.

Happy Schedule

With the first tool of the suite launching, we’d like to see what all the fuss is about- and introduce your association to a brand new way to organize your current schedule. Happy Schedule is a scheduling service introduced by Automattic that is designed to manage employee schedules while still maintaining a way to give customers the 24/7 support they’re looking for. Happy Schedule is great for organizations who offer flexible work hours to their employees, giving them the option to manage and view the hours staff are putting in to make sure someone is always available to handle customer care.

Happy Schedule’s platform will be very similar to using a service like Google Calendar. Users will be able to click and drag their cursor to create events at the time they want, view multiple calendars at once, and create colored tabs to keep things extra organized. For the start of Happy Tools, Happy Schedule is the perfect service for anyone looking to micromanage their team on an easy to use platform. The entire Happy Tools suite will be available as a software-as-a-service option and will be priced at the very low cost of $5/month. Now that we’ve discussed a few of the features that Happy Schedule is set to bring for users, let’s talk more about how your association can benefit.

Happy Tools and your association

So, where does your association fit into all of this tech tool talk? Depending on how large your association is, how spread out your staff is throughout the world, and what your goals are in terms of customer support, Happy Schedule could be the perfect tool to get things on track for you.

If you’re a smaller association with a remote workforce and no base, Happy Schedule can help you bridge all of your staff together to get things done. Conversely, if you’re a large association with many different branches and you’re trying to work on a project that envelopes all chapters, Happy Schedule can get everyone on the same page. Looking to make sure there are no gaps in customer service? Using Happy Schedule, you can organize your staff to work in a staggered hour pattern, ensuring someone is on at all times to help members solve any problems they may have. You can also color code tasks, managing your team meetings, project deadlines, and whatever else you have to organize.

Knowing what we know now about the Happy Tools unveil and the value of Happy Schedule for associations, you may want to give Automattic’s new product a warm welcome into your tech strategy when the time comes.