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Creating a Marketing Strategy for Your Career Center: Part 3 - Crafting Relevant Messaging

When marketing your association’s career center to your target audience, using consistent and relevant messaging helps your content resonate with your intended persona.

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When marketing your association’s career center to your target audience, using consistent and relevant messaging helps your content resonate with your intended persona. Your members and advertisers have different needs and wants from your career center, so highlighting the specific benefits to each those when marketing will build trust with your audience. As discussed in our webinar, Drive Member Engagement & Revenue by Marketing Your Career Center (post COVID-19), there are two things to consider when creating your marketing materials for each persona to meet their needs:

  1. Be flexible
  2. Drive consistent and relevant messaging

In part three of this series, let's discuss each one in detail so you can easily start creating your marketing messaging immediately.

Be Flexible

As simple as it sounds, being flexible when creating marketing materials will make your job (and your staff's job) more manageable. Plans change or have to be altered along the way in order to get your message across when your audience needs it.

For example, Web Scribble customer National Council for Mental Wellbeing, was planning to distribute a printed recruitment guide at their annual event. Due to COVID-19, the event was canceled and they had to quickly shift gears to deliver the recruitment guide to their attendees, and fulfill their contracts with employers. Being flexible allowed for the National Council to make quick adjustments and turn the printed recruitment guide into a digital recruitment guide.

By making this adjustment, they were able to distribute their guide to a larger audience, increase engagement on their career portal, maintained a positive return on investment, and many more additional benefits they didn’t anticipate. The moral of the story here is that by being flexible and being willing to adjust, you can dramatically improve your marketing strategy and meet the needs of your market. And maybe even find benefits you didn’t expect!

Drive Consistent and Relevant Messaging

Each of your target audiences is going to have different wants, needs and pain points that motivate them to use your career center. This is an important component of your marketing messaging because including those elements in your messaging will resonate with their interests and create higher engagement rates with your career center. When marketing to your members, consider these wants, needs and pain points:

  1. Finding a job and/or finding new opportunities to advance in their career
  2. Resume review/critique services
  3. Career pathing
  4. Targeted, relevant, industry-specific career opportunities
  5. Instant email alerts for relevant job opportunities based on location, expertise, education, etc.
  6. Job seeker profiles for immediate exposure to employers

For advertisers and employers, consider these wants, needs and pain points:

  1. Large pool of under-qualified candidates from massive job boards
  2. Discounts on job post packages
  3. Advertising opportunities on a relevant job board, career fairs, etc.
  4. Alert email notifications for qualified candidates
  5. Resume database access

Including messaging around your personas specific interests allows you to meet the needs of your market and increase engagement on your career center. Be consistent with your messaging - it’s not a one-and-done project because the wants, needs and pain points will continuously change for your audiences. Consistently creating relevant and timely content keeps your audience engaged. You’ll easily engage existing members - and attract new members - and advertisers to your career center since they know you understand what they’re looking for and see the value in joining forces with your association.

Crafting relevant messaging and being flexible in your marketing efforts will improve your engagement metrics discussed in part two, Creating a Marketing Strategy for Your Career Center - Engagement Metrics. The more value and consistent marketing you deliver to your audience, the more engagement you’ll see - and your career center will thrive. The last part of this series, part four, will be wrapped up next week and will discuss key integrations with your career center that generate insightful data to help create your messaging for effective marketing communications.